Protection Program

Plumbing Protection Program

Plumbing Peace of Mind Protection Program

Preventing clogged drains & plumbing emergencies in Bryan, Caldwell & College Station, TX 

Our Plumbing Peace of Mind Protection Program is designed to protect our customers from those unexpected surprise repairs that seem to leave us all in a bind. Our proactive measures prevent further damage down the line. Owning a Protection Plan from Action Plumbing is the best way to keep all of your plumbing problems to a minimum. If an unanticipated event does occur and you are left with an emergency plumbing situation, our protection plan will have you covered. Just call our emergency plumbers anytime, and we will fix the issue.

Some of our member benefits include:

• 10% off all service work • Preferred customer scheduling
• Two detailed plumbing inspections per contract year • And more! 

We also perform adjustments on certain crucial items in your home, including water heaters and faucets

Some of our additional services for members include the following:

• Water leveling device and flapper chain installations in toilets
• Lavatory sink pop-up assembly
• Tightening of faucet handles 
• Tightening of toilet seats
• Tightening of packing nuts on emergency shut-offs
• Cleaning of aerators on all faucets inside your home 
• Water heater flushing and checks for any leaks 

Our program options range from one to three years of coverage at a low yearly cost. You will be thankful for having our Protection Program when something pops up and leaves you in a leaky situation.

Signing up is easy! Contact us today at 979-314-2225 to sign up for your plumbing protection.

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